Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I wonder if the Superman Museum's liability insurance is as expensive as the Flash Museum's...

We checked out the next issue way back in the early days of this blog, but I just got this one last week from the quarter bin! From 1976, Superman #306, "Backward Battle for the Bizarro World!" Written by Martin Pasko, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Bob Oksner.

Protesters are surrounding the Superman Museum, to voice their displeasure over Superman recently destroying Metropolis Coliseum. They aren't the only ones pissed: the Toyman's collection was on display there when it was destroyed, turning the reformed villain back to murder. (I don't have it, but in the previous issue, Winslow P. Schott, the first Toyman, killed the second, Jack Nimball.) But with the arrival of Bizarro, Jimmy Olsen points out it's pretty obvious that he destroyed the coliseum, not Supes. The Toyman didn't seem to put that together, though; but did convince Bizarro if he could kill Superman, he could have the duplicator ray he wanted. And Bizarro wants that bad, since his Bizarro World had been destroyed by a meteor storm!

Bizarro had taken what would probably be a severe head injury for anyone else, but also seems to have some new powers: flame breath and freeze vision, opposites of Superman's freezing breath and heat vision. Were these new, or just not seen often? Superman is a bit surprised by them, but remembers he and Batman had been to the future and seen the Bizarro World was still there. After Bizarro kidnaps and attempts to duplicate Lois, Supes gives poor Bizarro a beating that retraces his steps, back into space where he was hit by the meteor, and is able to see the Bizarro World still there, safe and sound. Back on earth, the cops caught up with Toyman, who realizes Bizarro had destroyed his toys, and that he murdered several for no reason. He seems a little tragic, but I think would be back as a villain before too long. At a glance, Bizarro would return in Superman #333, and he and Toyman would be in Superman #337.


Dale Bagwell said...

Huh. Interesting to see the Toyman exhibit remorse for his crimes when I'm used to not seeing him give any fucks about killing, especially the infamous killing of Cat Grant's son. Is that still even in continuity, or has that been erased after Rebirth?

H said...

This was pre-Crisis Toyman, which is a very different animal than the post-Crisis one. He was generally a lot nicer and less creepy.