Wednesday, January 03, 2018


The pros of Death's Head II? Well, he's a hefty lump of figure; you have to give him that. The cons? He's not Death's Head I! Will I ever let that go? Seems unlikely!

We will see another DH comic here shortly, although it's one I specifically don't want to read...


Dale Bagwell said...

Then why are you going to read it you masochist? Ha ha.
Nice Minion joke though. Id have sure said something like that.
As for DH1, you'd think since they made the 3 and 3/4 version, that they should easily enough be able to just upscale that model to 6 inches right? I figure if not this year, hopefully by next or 2020, we'll finally get an official ML figure of him, yes?

SallyP said...

That certainly is an ugly robot. Also roomba's ARE evil!