Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Nakia and the Build-a-Figure Okoye are both really nice figures; and the Black Panther in this series was nicer than I had expected as well. Am I going to be able to flog out this storyline long enough to get the Black Bolt and Namor figures in here somewhere? I didn't think so, but we'll see!


Dale Bagwell said...

You better try!!!! Ha ha. Huh. I wonder if all those movie Panther faces look like that or if it's just yours, but I'm not impressed now that I see it up close and personal. Meh.

So Felica's moving on up like the Jeffersons now? Nooice....
You know if you go through with this, you're gonna' have to do a wedding skit don't you? ;)

SallyP said...

Well...that is a twist I did not see coming.