Friday, January 26, 2018

Those kids might think you're lame 'cause of that thing in your ear, Kyle.

Although, honestly, I'm deaf as a post, so maybe I shouldn't throw any stones. From 1998, Adventures in the DC Universe #11, "No Exit" Written by Steve Vance, pencils by John Delaney, inks by Ron Boyd.

We've looked at this book a couple times before: it was in the same sort of animated style as Batman: the Animated Series, but predating Justice League, and it featured a version of the team closer to the mainstream comic version of the time, including Kyle Rayner. He starts this issue flying high with Wonder Woman, but after injuring a gunman while taking him down, he sinks into despair. Almost literally! Kyle gets sucked into the completely relatable oppressively gloomy realm of Lord Toxxis!

Still, Kyle sent a power ring replica to get Wonder Woman, who finds his real ring but no sign of GL. Diana calls in a consultant: Jason Blood! Who unfortunately doesn't appear as the Demon here, but he does help Diana enter Toxxis's realm. Bad news: she doesn't have powers there either. Still, she's able to rally Kyle and Toxxis's other prisoners to fight their way out of despair, until Toxxis is forced to let Kyle and Diana go. Jason tells them there will always be some prisoners of Toxxis, since "humanity will always know despair." That's not helping my seasonal affective disorder, man...(I kid, I'm not entirely deaf or completely depressed.)

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Dale Bagwell said...

Shit got meta real quick with that kid's comment. I'm sure we all felt like that when Kyle first stepped on the scene. Sure, he more than definitely earned his spot as GL in time, but damn did I miss Hal as the main GL back then.