Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Yeah, went all-in on the Black Panther figures as soon as Toys R Us put them out. Well, except for the Iron Man figure. Think I'll be okay there. Really looking forward to that movie, too.


Dale Bagwell said...

Not me man. I only bought the Namor and Black Bolt figures. I was initially tempted to get the Ironman/Ironheart one, mainly due to the Stark head, but passed on it, much like I am with the rest of this wave. Personally I'd rather had a Man-Ape BAF or anything else BP-related over what they picked as the wave BAF. I did see a Klaw/shuri(?) two-pack, but t its not a new Klaw, just the older one repainted. Too skinny for my liking which is why I sold him in the first place.

Nice display of booze though.

SallyP said...

Those...are really nice figures, actually.