Friday, July 06, 2018

I never eat those, but a bag sounds delicious now...

So I laughed at least once at the Forbush Man story in What The--?! #14, and there's a much better Spider-Ham story in WT?! #22, but Milk and Cookies and Wolverina were never, ever funny. That said, you might kinda need this issue now! From 1992, What The--?! #20, featuring "Pork for Dinner, Milk and Cookies for Desert!" Written by Barry Dutter, pencils and letters by John Costanza, inks by George Wildman.

This Infinity Wart crossover, featuring Negative Forbush Man. Forget that, we only care about the sensational character find of 1992: Pork Grind! Who...talks like the guy in your office doing their best impression of the worst SNL impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger. They aren't making this easy, I gotta tell you.

Pork Grind only appears for four pages this issue, but I love the name, that just makes it for me. Going with the Schwarzeneggar voice instead parodying Venom's usual shtick--which was fairly well established by that time, I think--feels like a mistake. Maybe they thought it would be too creepy if one cartoon pig was going on and on about eating the brains of another one. OK, that may be a valid concern.

Of course, we're all up in arms, since we're less than a month away from the Marvel Legend Spider-Ham with Pork Grind head! Eek, sold out at Big Bad! There's some mild grousing that S-H could've gotten a bit more articulation, but I'll be glad to have him...and I have a Venom figure waiting to donate his body to Pork Grind!


SallyP said...

I was always rather fond of "What The". It was stupid, yes, but sometimes bad puns are really just something that you need in your life.

Dale Bagwell said...

Debating on just how much I really need a Spider-Ham figure, but that extra head does help make it more appealing doesn't it?