Wednesday, July 25, 2018

"My Protégé."

I didn't buy White Tiger for some time, since you had your choice of getting her or Misty Knight to get the chest piece for the Build-A-Figure Rhino. (Which didn't make a lot of sense, and of course I have two torsos now.) Then a good chunk of the idea for this strip hit, so...a good 60% of the idea was the title, which was from Juliana Hatfield's 2000 album, Juliana's Pony: Total System Failure.

That album and Beautiful Creature were released on the same day, with it being closer to her traditional sound and "Juliana's Pony" being a bit heavier.

Then, the week I did this, on Twitter...sigh, oh, Twitter...there were a veritable ton of responses to somebody--I'm not even sure who the guy was, or if he was supposed to be anyone in particular--saying to the effect of, if you're complaining about unpaid internships, you're not going to make it in the industry anyway. What industry, I don't even know; but all morning long my timeline was peppered with responses with the opposing viewpoint of bite me. (I've never lived anywhere or worked in a field that could get away with that nonsense, as evidenced by my lack of interns here.)


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! Legit funny side skit with Satana and Felicia this week. Interesting idea with using White Tiger as her sidekick, but it keeps the whole cat theme going, so that makes sense.
Looking forward to seeing where this leads up.

Also now all of a sudden I REALLY need a Hypno-Hustler Marvel Legends figure in my life after this. I can defintiely see him being a DJ who robs his patrons much like the Ringmaster and circus of crime did the same.
Unpaid internships probably are inherently evil in that the company benefits from the free labor, "paying" the intern in "experience". And yet experience doesn't pay the bills or help you from having live off a ramen noodle diet 'till you get paid.

I don't see this practice ending anytime soon while any company that uses this practice continues to benefit. We'll see how the future goes.

You know I thought I'd like the heavier "My protege" but wind up enjoying the slightly softer "Somebody's waiting for me" instead. Weird.

SallyP said...

Oh, Felicia...!