Friday, July 13, 2018

I won't even pretend I planned to find this, but it's great.

So I mentioned this issue the other day when we checked out the debut of Pork Grind, but this is my favorite Spider-Ham story. Granted, I've maybe read ten, twelve? But still. From 1992, What The--?! #22, featuring "What Goes Up Must Come Down!" Written by Barry Dutter, art by John Costanza.

J.Jonah Jackalope demands pictures of Spider-Ham! Or rather, Dr. Octopussycat, who has a bomb on the top of the Empire State Building! Spider-Ham swings into action, but Doc Ock might have his number this time! Web-swinging and wall-crawling don't get S-H anywhere, but if only there was another way to get to the top of the building...By the way, I'm by no means an original art collector, but I think I would pay folding money for the page above!

Also this issue: "Hazards of Being a Super-Villain!" Written by Roger Brown, art by Rurik Tyler. It's hit and miss, but there's at least a couple good ones! And this issue also had the "Captains Outrageous!" page we saw years back.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! Now that is cute, I'll give it that. If only more super-villains used legit logic against their foes....

That bit with Porkgrind flossing is hysterical as well. I'd imagine Venom probably does the same thing...or at least should. Gum and tooth disease is NO joke.

My only and earliets exposure to Spider-Ham was the little bits that'd sometimes put at the end of the reprinted story in issues of Marvel Tales.

I thought it was interesting that decided to make him a pig and not go with the obvious giant spider, but the pig's better. I mean that's what had to have led to Spider-Pig from the Simpsons' movie right?

plainwater said...

He'll always look like Cerebus in a Spider-Man outfit to me.