Wednesday, July 04, 2018


The fifth panel was the first one done on my new computer, with the same old program that I may have to reinstall every month, but I lost the Pig Iron lettering I used to use. I could probably get it out of the old computer, so we'll see. The panels four and after were done using a free font, Anime Ace 2 from Blambot! Ugh, I know I've paid for fonts before and they're on the old computer too.

I have watched a veritable ton of classic Dr. Who on Twitch this month, as well as getting most of the way caught up on current Who. On the Fourth Doctor right now as I write this bit (episode two of "the Masque of Mandragora," and Siskoid's has been an incredible resource while watching these!) I recall some but not all of these, but I wonder how long the pattern is going to hold: every time a companion or the Doctor himself is replaced, I don't usually take to them; then when it's their time to leave it's crushing and I'm far too attached to them; then don't take to the new ones...(Sarah Jane leaves the next serial, which I already know will break my bitter little heart!) Watching Who like this is how I remember watching it, although I could be misremembering: rather than an episode a week (as they were originally aired) or even a day, I think I watched a lot of episodes at once. But I know I'm spoiled, watching an entire season's worth of episodes over maybe a day and a half!

KURT: Wait, I've missed how many Star Wars movies?
MK: Well, that's one way to avoid spoilers.
MAN-WOLF: Honestly, at this point you might as well wait for the next one to come out, see them all at once.

KURT: Mother--
MAN-WOLF: Didn't you say you've travelled in time as well?
KURT: Yes, by accident.
MAN-WOLF: Oh. I was thinking maybe you'll get lucky and end up back before you left.
MK: Like the second Doctor's companion Jamie McCrimmon!

MAN-WOLF: YOU watch Dr. Who?
MK: Hey, I'm allowed to have interests outside of hitting people.

KURT: Gwen, have you seen Pool? I need to yell at him for some time.
GWEN: And you should! But he'll be a bit. He had...something to think over.

POOL: (crushed by captions) Man, my thoughts are heavy, man.

KURT: (thinks) Deadpool? Thinking?
MK, MAN-WOLF: (smaller, thinks) Deadpool? Thinking?
GWEN: But that's OK! I talked to him for a bit, and YOU can get a ride home with US! Yay!

KURT: ...that's very nice, but--
GWEN: Maybe we've got time for one or two adventures, just to get you official companion status...
MK: Yeah!...see, that's another Dr. Who reference.
MAN-WOLF: Am I the only one that didn't watch that?

MAN-WOLF: Gwe-er, Captain? If we could get back to earth sooner rather than later? I'm missing in action now, and the longer you're gone, the more...invasive they are when you get back.
MK: Ew.

MK: Yeah, I need to get home too. I told my girlfriend I was going into space, and I'm not sure she believed me.
MAN-WOLF: Can't blame her.
MK: Yeah, I really can't.

GWEN: But...but...we were having space adventures. We haven't even seen an alien cantina yet!
KURT: They aren't as much fun as you'd think. The music's not great, and there's bitey raccoons and uppity trees...
MK: Did you see any Sontarans?
MAN-WOLF: See, who would even get that?

GWEN: Rocket and Groot?! But I wanna see Rocket and Groot!
KURT: Space casinos, bounty hunters, Galactus, alternate earths, monsters, killer robots, Kraven the hunter in space, Thanos and his terrifying clones, ####ing micronauts, energy eating monsters, Novas, space pirates, more monsters...

GWEN: That sounds awesome! I want all of that! And running, and getting captured then escaping then getting captured again, and serials that are definitely an episode or two too long...

MK: That's definitely a reference to Dr. Who.
MAN-WOLF: Gwen, not that that wouldn't be fun, but...we have to get back.
MK: It's how it goes, captain: companions can't stay forever. There's always a goodbye coming.
GWEN: But...

MAN-WOLF: I'm going to start calculations on the wormhole drive to get us home, captain.
MK: It's been a blast, Gwen. I hope Khonshu puts us on the same path again. Kurt, you wanna help me crate up my statue?
KURT: Sure. See you later, Gwen.

GWEN: ...

POOL: It's addicting, isn't it?
CAPTION: To be continued!


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Another solid skit man, seriously, no bullshit on that. Goes to show why you're so good at this stuff, especially the dialogue.
Solid recap, and that 5th panel alone should be a t-shirt.

Who'da thunk that Moonie would be a Dr. Who fan?
Well at least one of his personalities is ;)

H said...

Marc's just a big ol' TV junkie.

Pulling off a jump scare in a format like this is very impressive. Well done man.

SallyP said...

Oh, and thelot is just thickening so nicely. Seriously though, Kurt really does have a lot to catch up on.