Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Poor Amy's scene is on speakerphone this week (a They Might Be Giants reference!) since in changing computers, I didn't have the previously used pics of him at his little console. We'll see him soon enough!

Pool in the third panel is very much wish fulfillment for me: if I could get into space, fly away from just about everything, oh god yes, sign me the hell up. I do want to go more like Dr. Who, or the Enterprise; not like real life where there's physics and crap...

And it's absolutely not my place to say, but the question of Deadpool's bisexuality has come up here and there. Or "bisexuality," since I think it's more alleged than anything that's happened in continuity, right? Like it's kind of talked about but never actually happens. And I've heard complaints that Pool has "trendy" bisexuality, which would be "women + certain hot male celebrities." It's not a thermometer, guys; don't get mad at someone for not being up to your code there...Personally, I figure Pool to be somewhat omnisexual: he feels he's ugly inside and out, and thus thinks he can't afford to be picky.


Dale Bagwell said...

Another solid one Goo.
Compared to Trumpland and the shit going on just from him alone, space does seem to have its advantages doesn't it? Better hurry up and do it before Trump's Space Army gets there first ;)

I think you nailed on the whole Deadpool/Bisexuality thing. It's nothing more than a convenient plot device when Marvel wants to feel more socially progressive at times...otherwise I just don't see it.

Poor Kurt. At this rate he's NEVER going home is he?

H said...

I tend to disagree with that. He hasn't been shown with other guys but he's indicated an interest beyond close male friendship at least a few times. I don't think Kurt would go for either of them anyway, to be honest. I'm not even sure Gwen would go for Kurt normally- maybe Hank but Kurt's just not her type.

Enough of that shipping though- on to spaceshipping. I'm curious to see where this is going, both literally and figuratively.

SallyP said...

Space does seem pretty peaceful...that's not a bad thing. But yeah...Kurt has to be a little homesick by now.