Monday, July 18, 2011

The main reason I want a USAgent figure:

Over at It's All True, there's a look at Hasbro's new USAgent figure (and I imagine other sites will have reviews for him shortly, Poe's had a nice shot of USAgent, too) and while it looks like an all-right figure, I want a proper, Marvel Legends scale one!

I know there are some readers who don't care for a character like USAgent, specifically intended to be a replacement/rebuttal to a classic hero. Or, as I like to think of him, the Player 2 version. John Walker was occasionally written as having mental problems and probably a good chunk of post-traumatic stress disorder, but kind of like Guy Gardner, his sheer unfailing dickishness eventually wins you over a little. (I don't think I have it handy, but I'd love to dig up Avengers West Coast #69, where USAgent delivers a not-entirely-undeserved beating to Hawkeye.)

From What The--?! #22, "Captains Outrageous!" Written by Barry Dutter, art by Joe Quesada, inks by Joe Rubinstein.


Dale Bagwell said...

Hey, I've been on that bandwagon for awhile now. It's criminal that he hasn't been made already in the ML line. I've just posted a top ten list for heroes not made as ML's over at, and he's definitely on there. It boggles my mind why they just couldn't have used the Ultimate Cap's body with a new head sculpt.

Am I the only one that wished the Captain America figure line was 6", not 4? I like the figures, but not at that size. If I wanted figures that small, I'd still be buying GI Joes.

On a related note, I too had that AWC issue. And yes, it was funny to watch Hawkeye get his ass beat so soundly like that; especially in his then new Stark created armor. Crazy times back then huh?

googum said...

I swear I recall USAgent being unwilling to fight Hawkeye, since he has actual super-strength. Hawkeye presses the issue and ends up writing a check his ass couldn't cash; but the Agent looks like the jerk when the Avengers show up...

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, John really didn't want to fight ol' Hawkeye because he knew he'd look bad and that his Avenger buddies would have something to say about the whole thing. He quickly got the boot anyhow from the Avengers after this issue if I'm remembering correctly since he lost his government credentials/positioning on the team. They were all too eager to get rid of him too. Which sucked, because he seemed to really start to enjoy being on the team by that point.

And yes, they gave Clint hell about his actions, but he still got to stay on the team...which he did until the after the 100th issue, when Mockingbird died.