Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Let's Rap with Cap...or not."

In terms of the Hero's Journey type business, Captain America gets the short stick compared to Iron Man and Thor, doesn't he? They get to lead happy, exciting lives before becoming superheroes and leading even more awesome and rewarding lives; while Cap had to suffer through the Depression as a weak and feeble man, before becoming a national symbol and shouldering that burden through the war. Not that it's not cool to be Captain America...but it can't be as much fun as being Thor or Iron Man, could it?

Anyway, if you click today's strip, you may notice a pair of green markers in the last panel; since I had to screen-print and paste. My system wouldn't run the PDF maker, since I'm still having a little trouble.

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Dale Bagwell said...

True, very good point about cap's pre-Cap years. At least he's cool now, so cool that he gets to run the MU now.....or at least until Nick wants his old job back.

As insoiring as Thor is, he's still a god, and most humans, not to mention the super-powered ones still can't relate to Thor as well as Cap.

And as for Tony...yeah he's rich and gets more tail then the SPCA, but he's still viewed in a negative light based on Civil War, and the war profiteer label he was stuck with for years. Even on his best day, he still can't inspire people like Cap can. Tony found that out the hard way after CW.

I guaren-damn-tee you if Cap had to appeal to the American people concerning the national debt, budget, or anything else government- related(especially considering how hated politicians are right now)people would listen, and probably go along with a anything he endorsed. Why? Because cap's got it like that.