Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"A Little More Doom Idol."

Duhr. I actually have another week of Doom Idol coming up, but missed this page, so had to come back. As sometimes happens around here, it's one page today, three next week, 'kay? Luckily, it's done, since I'm having camera trouble now. (My computer refuses to believe the camera's hooked up, which is driving me up the wall.)

We had the old Star Sapphire out for Retro Toy Week a while back; and while she's not an overly poseable figure (being an older DC Direct offering) there's a bit of life to her. But we'll talk about that more next week!


Dale Bagwell said...

Yes! More DP idol y'alllllll.
You know, I actually like this Star Sapphire figure more than the DCUC one, even though the new one is more possible. Idk, the older one just looks hotter. I'm just weird I guess.

As always, looking forward to more DP idol, and whatever hijinks you have in store for SS.

I hear you about the camera/computer problems. I'm having issues w/my computer too, as you well know.

Except my computer wouldn't acknowledge that the printer is hooked up to it. I tell you these computers are out to get us and drive us mad.

SallyP said...

But I LIKE this costume!