Monday, January 07, 2019

I wish I'd noticed this earlier, but it would've made me sad then, too.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is still my favorite cartoon of recent memory, but I hadn't read any of (or recall ever seeing before) the tie-in comic. So this was a great one to start with! From 2012, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #7, "They Came From Inner Space!" Written by Chris Yost, pencils by Christopher Jones, inks by Victor Olazaba.

This tie-in ties-in with a minor point from the series: on multiple occasions, particularly episode "To Steal an Ant-Man," items like some stolen cash were shrunken out of existence. Or out of this existence: where did they go? The Microverse! Home of Psycho-Man, who is readying his forces to invade the newly discovered macro-verse; but who else do we know from the Microverse...none other than the Micronauts Microns!

We all know Rann, Marionette, and Bug; but I'm not sure if Quark or Flare appeared before, even if Flare strongly resembles Fireflyte. They've been fighting against Psycho-Man's tyranny, as well as trying to defend our universe from any invasion from the Microverse. And maybe to ask "the Pym" to quit dropping stuff on their universe. Since the story involves shrinking, Wasp does most of the work; she might as well since Cap and Iron Man both already blame her for this. I love this version of her though: although cheerful and flighty, Wasp probably cares more about the team than any of them.

Writer Christopher Yost had a fair amount of comic credits, and a ton of animation ones; he also wrote Thor: Ragnarok. I thought he was one of the writers working on a Micronauts movie; but instead they may finally be getting a TV show. Not with this lineup or crossing over with the Avengers, sadly.

Also this issue: Nick Fury explains Skrulls, and Iron Man vs. chicken pox! And the Unicorn. And Pepper Potts. You can decide which one gives him a harder time...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Looks like a fun issue. Reminds of that one silver age team-up adventure between Barry and Ray where they basically went to a microscopic world too...and Barry got tied up Gulliver's Travels-style like these guys did.

I really do need to catch up on this series. So many episodes I've missed out on seeing.

Tony w/ chicken pox....which probably leads to a new Iron Man suit. I bet ya.'