Tuesday, January 08, 2019

If you only read one Count Abyss appreciation post today, read this one!

We first mentioned him almost eight years ago, as "he kind of looks like he should be giving He-Man or the Thundercats the hassle." And we still don't have his first appearance, but today we finally see the conclusion of the storyline of Count Abyss! From 1994, Warlock and the Infinity Watch #33, "Carnival of Souls" Written by John Arcudi, pencils by Pat Oliffe (I think it's supposed to be Olliffe!) and inks by Bob Almond.

The Count has clobbered the Infinity Watch, but only one of their Infinity Gems is important to him: Adam Warlock's Soul Gem. Abyss didn't have a soul himself, having sold it to the Zalkorr for infinite power in his dimension. Still, that state of soullessness had left him feeling a little empty inside, unable to feel as he used to; and the Soul Gem may fill that void. Abyss begins by "tasting" the souls that resided within the gem, in Soul World, and finds it "intoxicating."

Meanwhile, Warlock's ally Darklore's familiar, the pixie-like Meer'lyn; having survived seemingly being crushed by Abyss, returns to her master with a talisman that could stop Abyss. Adam retakes the gem, and sadly takes a gamble, giving Abyss a soul, that of Brother Kray-tor. You might not know his name, but he was a familiar face in Soul World; partially because he was largely face...With the soul comes conscience, which burns at Abyss's massive crimes. He runs to his patron Zalkorr for help, but Zalkorr doesn't recognize him with a soul! Adam punches it up with Abyss while Darklore uses the talisman to open a gateway to another reality where Abyss wouldn't have his omnipotence; and after Adam retakes Kray-tor's soul, Abyss is cast out. Darklore rejoices at success with "minimal sacrifice," but Adam knows how much this has hurt Kray-tor.

Moreover, while Darklore is able to use his magic to reverse many of Abyss's spells and free the locals; the potion that made Warlock and Lady Maya love each other is still in full force. Except while Maya will become queen, Darklore will become king! "A marriage of diplomatic convenience," he says; but it seems like another way for him to shaft Warlock. And in the basement of the palace, the Zalkorr remains, with his "skrimblatt" just out of his reach...

I may have harshed on his design at first, but Count Abyss's look really grew on me. And I would kill for an action figure of him with his bottle of wine. Ugh, I almost wish he had become one of Thanos's stupid Cull Obsidian or whatever, just for a figure! As is, he's one of those villains only I care about, like Equinox or Helleyes or Demogorge...

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

I guess he'd make a decent enough figure. Kinda reminds me off an evil, blacked out Creeper.

Poor Adam though. He never got to tap that ass while he had a chance.