Friday, June 30, 2006

Yeah, I can totally see what Clark sees in Lois.

Mornin' Clark!, originally uploaded by googum.

Switching to Clark to put in an appearance at work, Superman discovers that his hand is turning green and scaly; and then he still goes out as Clark. Seriously? Take a sick day, man. Hand in pocket, Lois spots him coming out of the storeroom, and rags on him a bit. (Try it though: come out of your stockroom at work, hand in pocket, guilty look on your face. Best case scenario, security pats you down for stolen post-its. Best case.)

Seemingly in retaliation, Supes uses heat vision to snap the strap of her purse, and at superspeed uses her pancake makeup over the green. Couldn't he just take the makeup at superspeed, without wrecking Lois' purse?

Also: as I'm sure others have pointed out, Clark was coming out of that windowed storage room, a fixture of old Superman comics. When you sit in your cube and wonder if it's sunny or rainy or light outside, think of the golden age, when even storerooms had windows. The Daily Planet's office supplies had a better view than you do.

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