Thursday, April 26, 2007

My toy buying habits lately? All over the map.
Best family portrait ever!
What was more difficult to explain to the kids?

A. Why that girl has a gun for a leg.

B. That Elvis really is dead and that mummies very rarely suck the life out of the elderly. Like hardly ever.

C. The "history" between Yellowjacket and the Wasp.

D. That Captain America will be back. Probably. Eventually.

Bit of a placeholder today, as I'm working on a longer look at Yellowjacket's first appearance, or at least the first comic I have with him, which is better.

Today at the Comic Book Shop, picked up the most recent issue of Wisdom: it's the second-to-last issue, so it's setting the board for the conclusion, but the sales are so bad at this point your comic shop probably isn't even shelving a copy now. Anyway, this issue wasn't as good as the rest of the series, but it probably had to be done. Buy the trade, please.

Out of the quarter box: random recent issues of Legion of Super-Heroes and Marvel Universe; another issue each of limiteds Thor: Blood Oath and Spider-Man/Human Torch (haven't got the whole set of either yet, but working on it); the last two issues of X-Statix; and the terrible Black Panther 2099. Man, I know Kirkman's done good work, but I have not liked his Marvel stuff at all, and that's all I've really read.

So. Tomorrow: Yellowjacket, and the most hardcore villain of 1977! Unless I get distracted.


fin fang doom said...

Man, I really wish Hasbro's second series of Marvel Legends would show up where I live. That series looks so much better than the first, which I haven't been able to bring myself to spend $10 on. But I'd drop a ten-spot in a heartbeat for Yellowjacket, She-Hulk or Quicksilver.

googum said...

She-Hulk's next, then maybe the movie Jean Grey. Which will leave me with four Blob pieces out of what, eight?

Quicksilver's head seems a hair big, but not bad. You might want to see if you can still get last series' Hercules. I like him, since I expect him to have a big grin.

fin fang doom said...

Oh, Hasbro's first series is clogging the shelves in my local TRU. I'll have no problem finding them all if I eventually break down and buy them.