Monday, April 16, 2007

Reed won't call it 'magic dirt,' since Johnny believed him that one time.
Actually, the FF dialog in this one isn't bad.
Much like the Thing in this issue, I think I would hate to get in the middle of a conversation between Tony Stark and Reed Richards. Blah blah blah technobabble blah blah "No, Dr. Doom is my archenemy" blah blah suspend civil liberties and launch the Hulk's ass into space. Blah.

From Iron Man vol. 3, #35, "Power, part three: the Land" Written by Joe Quesade and Frank Tieri, pencils by Alitha Martinez, inks by Rob Hunter. The story opens with four pages of alien flashback being extracted from Iron Man's head. Oooo-kay...

And to top it off, the alien's name? Max Power. Max Power: He's the man, with the name, you'd like to touch...but you mustn't touch...

This was Quesada's last issue, before going on to something or other. Some desk job.

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