Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Per anecdotal evidence, comics blogging destroys your immune system.
If I was 'non-human,' I suppose I'd announce it every chance I got, too.
This is the second time I've been sick since starting this stupid blog, and I rarely get sick. I can only assume the internet is dissolving my internal organs or giving me SARS or a rash or something. (Yeah, you laugh now, but SARS was like the bird flu of it's day.)

It does bring up a good excuse to post some Marshall Rogers art, though: from Silver Surfer #12 (volume 3, I think he's up to around 7 now) "Sick!" Written by Steve Englehart, pencils and colors by Marshall Rogers, inks by Joe Rubinstein. As most of you probably know, Rogers passed away recently: he may be more remembered for his Batman work, but his Surfer is a close second with me.

Oh, if 'jabbering jumped-up monkey' isn't someone's blog by now, it should be. This was probably the second appearance of the human-eating space pirate Cap'n Reptyl, who would go on to give the Surfer more trouble, kill the Super-Skrull, and turn into a giant dragon-y thing. There's a character arc you don't see in comics anymore. (No points for 'killing' the Super-Skrull, I swear he dies at the end of every story he's in...) Also, Nova--the Frankie Raye Nova, not the Richard Ryder buckethead original--does most of the heavy lifting this issue. The Surfer spends this month either tied down or throwing up. But, I think he's got the right idea about sleep...

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