Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm nowhere near as excited for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 as some people.
Well, I still like it better than the priest collar.
It's one of those movies I know I'm going to end up seeing at some point, and I'm sure it'll be enjoyable enough (maybe...) but I'm not jumping up and down for it. If I'm lucky, I can get everyone to hold out until it gets to the cheap theatre.

I still haven't seen Spider-Man 3, and I missed Ghost Rider entirely. Well, maybe this weekend; and on that note, have a good long holiday!

From Nightcrawler #7, "The Winding Way, part 1: Underbelly" Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, pencils by Darick Robertson, inks by Jimmy Palmiotti.


SallyP said...

Yes, well Nightcrawler DOES seem to have this fixation on pirates. He's probably seen "Captain Blood" fifty times.

Matt said...

You know what?

I feel ya about Pirates 3, 'cept'n that I actually got roped into seeing it opening night.

I say don't bother, personally.