Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Deadpool and I, part 1

I could see 'Pool having a thing for Maude Flanders. Rrrowr.

True.  Photoshop might as well be magic, as far as this old computer is concerned.
Wait, was 'Messiah CompleX' X-Men Disassembled, or is that coming?
SanctumSanctorumComics, start a blog already, and thanks!
Of course, since I originally wrote this, Hawkeye's slept with Wanda and stepped all over this joke...
The art's not bad in that issue, but the story is not great.
My scanner's running slow, so regular entries are falling behind. I will have a second part of this one up a little later, since it's at least done and loading.

Art on page 6 from the cover of Exiles #30 by Clayton Henry.

Oh, and the X-Men Disassembled “Nein! Nein! Nicht auf diese Weise! Nicht auf diese Weise!” joke on page 4 is blatently stolen from a comment on Comics Should Be Good, from SanctumSanctorumComix, who doesn't appear to have a blog but really, really should. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Scanner? You mean you don't use a digital camera? Craziness!

I hate you for using the Nightcrawler Skrull joke before I could think of it.

(I don't really hate you.)

SallyP said...


Anonymous said...


I'm honored at having my joke blatantly ripped off, and that you'd use "me" in a bit of 4th-wall breaking dialog.


Oddly enough, I've often mused about starting up a blog.
But, I always feel that I'm already wearing out my welcome online JUST with my comments.

Not to mention that I ALSO would make action-figure fumettis, but I don't have a cool "green goblin" armchair, and as such, my sets would suck - hard.

Well done, though.
Great job.


~P~ said...

Well... JUST to let you know that your seed has now bore fruit...

I have started my own blog!

AND I gave you a shout out in the inaugural post for your kind words of encouragement here.

Thanks for that.

Sanctum Sanctorum Comix

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