Wednesday, February 20, 2008

JLI: The 'I' is for 'Interview'
Continued from last week's comic.

Tempest probably would've tried the legacy card, too.
Whatever happened to Bloodwynd, anyway?  I always thought it was kind of silly that J'onn's cover turned out to be a real guy later.
How many green women action figures do I have?  Um...definitely not a weird amount.  Yeah.
I haven't decided if I'm gonna keep this one going or not, but next week a new comic.

I think Mark Millar and Grant Morrisson were going to tackle the issue a little in Aztek, but what would the interview process be like when you've got thirty or forty people in masks show up? What kind of references would they have? Press clippings? Arrest records? A signed note from Batman? Would the interviewers insist on knowing the interviewee's secret identity? Should they? Should an interviewee give up that information?

Two other examples spring to mind, although I don't have either in hand: one was from an old Avengers issue and the security check for prospective member Rage. He's lead to a secure room, where a videotaped message from Tony Stark (!) plays, explaining how it will do a one-time check and give a yes or no answer on whether he's eligible or not, then erase the search's tracks and records. (Ah, I wish I had that one: it's a clever answer to some of the logistical questions that a bunch of masked yahoos would generate, and Tony is friendly and not at all dickish.)

The other one was from a What The--!? spoof of Avengers/JLI, featuring Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, among others, having tryouts. J'onn tries to suggest maybe reconsidering "Mr. Mann's" application, "You know, someone with powers?" Beetle shoots that down, that the League is about hanging out, and at the time, yeah, pretty much. Still, it's not unreasonable to think a lot of the interview would be interpersonal: sure, you could get a batch of uber-powerful members, but who wants to be on a team with Geo-Force or Captain Atom? (Disclaimer: Cap was cool in Justice League Europe, but everyone else writes him as a complete tool.)


SallyP said...

Hee hee. This was lovely.

CaptainAverage said...

1.What does it say about me that I got a headache trying to read that newspaper?
2.Why do the Teen Titans look like that just smelled something awful? Did someone forget to clean up after Changeling?(Yeah,yeah,Beast Boy..he was Changeling when I met him)
3.Ash in JLA? Screams for a miniseries.Felix Faust would totally use some Deadite minions, don't you think?

Stephen said...

hourman taking a drug test sheer brilliance. and thayt ash figure looks like he could make batman poop his pants