Thursday, March 06, 2008

In the interest of Fair Time:
Yesterday, we saw Namor the Sub-Mariner reminisce about his time with the Defenders:
I know Dr. Strange has spells or Wong to take care of it, but Namor is going to leave that chair all wet and smelling like the ocean.
But the sad fact of the matter is, well:
The neck on this Hulk figure is really broken, but it helped here, since I don't think the Doctor's cape unfastens.
No one remembers being in the Defenders fondly.
I wish I'd had time to work on a window shape in the Dr. Strange's Sanctum style, but sorry.
At best, it's like remembering high school.
Where Birdnose?
If you remember it at all, I guess.

Even though I bought a grand total of one issue of the original Defenders as a kid (and hell, I'm right certain I didn't pick it but got it in a pack or pile somehow) I've picked up most of the series out of the quarter-bins. Sadly, I don't think that included all of the Steve Gerber issues. And even though I bag on them a bit, I'm definitely going to pick up the Valkyrie figure when (and if) that comes out, and it's a crime Nightwing--damnit, I mean Nighthawk!--doesn't have one yet. More Defenders, or the Shroud, or something before the weekend.

Off the top of anyone's head: what did Hulk call Hellcat and Valkyrie? Catlady and Swordgirl? Ah, I know he had mangled names for everyone, but haven't quite got it.


Marc Burkhardt said...

I love the Defenders, of course, and your cartoon sums up why in hilarious fashion: they're the ultimate Marvel Team because they get the job done and still hate each other!

Plus, um Steve Gerber.

Can't wait for more Shroud.

CaptainAverage said...

I am loving the babbling space-hippie! Would love to see Valkyrie interacting with this group. Would she even be able to speak, or just be be fuming in a corner?

SallyP said...

Magnificent as usual. This is why I actually liked the Defenders more than the Avengers. There was a weird JLI vibe to it.