Monday, March 03, 2008

The One Where Doom Shoots a Burglar in his Pajamas
Most cat burglars don't narrate out-loud during jobs, but it's a stylistic choice, and he stands by it.
Even though Doom would go on to sell his old girlfriend to demons, then wear a suit made out of her skin; you still pull for him against someone like the Red Skull. From Astonishing Tales #4-5, reprinted in Super-Villain Team-Up #15, "The Invaders!" Written by Larry Lieber, art by Wally Wood, George Tuska, and Mike Esposito.

Dear Ed Brubaker:  I expect to see this around Captain America #49... His castle blown up while defeating the rebels in the previous issue, Doom sets the remaining peasants to rebuilding it, then goes on vacation. It's less that he needs the rest, than it's really boring watching peasants work, cry about working, get beat for not working, etc. Well, the peasants don't get a lot done, before the Red Skull and his Exiles invade, taking over Latveria with like seven guys. That's less about how skilled the Exiles are, than how sad and beatdown the Latverians are, especially since the Nazi Exiles suck.

Admittedly, they do pretty well turning the peasants into Nazis, especially considering the team has a wrestler, a guy in a wheelchair, and another guy armed with a scarf.

Short one today, since I'm tired, and re-reading Dr. Doom comics for this week's cartoon. So, for more fun, check out Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation and his contest for this week! A Hulkbuster Iron Man could be up for grabs!
...and then this in Cap #50.


CaptainAverage said...

No remark about how Doom sleeps in his mask? How comfy can that be?

Stephen said...

man armed with a scarf would be a formidable opponent. i mean you'd be so confused you were being attacked with a scarf that you would be vulnerable to the wheelchair guy