Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Please, don't call it a 'Team-Up' every time I see you, OK?
I've pretty much given up on backgrounds, but this old toy struck me as perfect for Namor.
Kind of explains years of Namor chasing Sue, doesn't it?
Didn't she date Superman?
Does anyone remember serving time in the Defenders fondly?
Like an old married couple, I swear.

My Oldest and I were reading Essential Fantastic Four volume one, which of course has the first team-up of Dr. Doom and Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Even without their run in Super-Villain Team-Up, the two of them have paired up a lot. Even the most recent Sub-Mariner limited series ended with them allied again...and I forget whose blog had the last page of that one, with them shaking hands, and "Bro's before Ho's," but yeah.

One thing people seem to forget, is that Doom is surprisingly effective, for a scary evil bastard in a metal mask, at telling people what they want to hear, and playing against their fears. Nine times out of ten, Doom can convince Namor that the U.S./the Inhumans/your mom is a threat to his beloved, horrible subjects; and only Doom can help fight them off. For his part, he also does a great job of selling his enthusiasm: by god, you and Doom are going to kick those bastards' asses! Before or after he betrays you, of course.

One trait the two have in common, in ruling their respective countries, is that there doesn't seem to be a memorable citizen in either lot. Name an Atlantean, or a Latverian. Unless they tried to kill the king, you'd be hard pressed to come up with one. And I don't think Namorita or Namora count...and I've forgotten, one's Doom's cousin, the other's his...aunt? Other cousin? I know Namora's alive again, although I don't know how or why and she's probably a Skrull.

Bonus cartoon tomorrow though, in the interests of equal time!


SallyP said...

This is hilarious. Who needs Twisted Toy Fare or Robot Chicken?
You're better, I say. BETTER!

billjac said...

If you don't know how Namora's alive again that means you haven't read Agents of Atlas. It's a whole lot of fun so you really should.

I liked the quartet Priest introduced of Doom, Namor, Black Bolt and Black Panther. I could see them getting together to trade tips on monarchy in the modern age and play bridge.

Anonymous said...

OMG! This was hysterical! And with the current Dark Reign Cabal stuff, especially pertinent ... and probably how it will play out! Pleeease do more with Namor and Doom. Oh, and Aquaman, if you must.