Monday, November 17, 2008

"Date Night, part 1"

Click to enlarge, and continued on Wednesday!

I was waiting for the Incredible Hercules Secret Invasion trade, so while I know Herc killed the Skrull god or whatever; I don't know why exactly that didn't nip this whole invasion in the bud. I don't imagine the Secret Invasion miniseries proper ends with the Skrulls on the very edge of total victory, only to discover Hercules has beaten their belief system and they fold. Seems doubtful.

Poor Kurt's been working on Carol for about half a dozen strips, and Deadpool's pile of Advanced Idea Mechanics' crap is still going to come up later. Ms. Marvel was revealed to be an alcoholic in the Kurt Busiek/George Perez Avengers, which might be saddling her with hand-me-down Iron Man plots but also does give her more character than she had in her entire first series.


SallyP said...

Poor Kurt. Trying to get rid of those two, must be like trying to get gum off of a carpet.

You WOULD think that killing off the Skrull God would have had at least SOME effect on the whole Invasion maghilla, wouldn't you?

Angelo said...

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