Thursday, November 13, 2008

"While I was out."

I missed the contest over at the Invincible Super-Blog, but there were a ton of entries, and I don't think I had this done in time even if I had been online. Ah, well.

Events in this strip are a nod to current events (or, then-current events) in the real Deadpool and Secret Invasion: X-Men books. Deadpool I'm liking, after a shaky first issue; SI:X I liked the first issue, meh on the second. I didn't read the pulped Action Comics or All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, though. I'm also like 90% sure the Skrull holocron reference is from one of the comic boards.


SallyP said...

Hee hee! Those are LOVELY little bat nunchuks!

And poor Aquaman. He's really just given up, and who can blame him?

Sea_of_Green said...

Well, if Batman REALLY DOES ever decide to use sharks as nunchuks, there's really not a whole lot Aquaman can do about it.

Personally, I think Batman needs Kryptonian nunchucks. Supes and Supergirl. Yeah, that's the ticket ...

googum said...

Ooh, I'm not going to get to that box for a while, but there's an old DC Comics Presents where an alien swats the Atom, with Superman. Seems like that should've been it for Ray, but worse, Supes was kind of dogging it so Ray would get his confidence back; which was probably the plot of every other issue of DC Comics Presents.

SUPES: Oh, no! I am powerless against such a mighty foe! Only you can save us...Air Wave! (stifled snort)

It also just occurs to me that post-Crisis, Aquaman has seniority in the JLA over Batman. I figure he tried to pull rank once. Once.

SallyP said...

Trying to pull rank on Batman? Yeah, that probably didn't go over too well.