Thursday, December 03, 2009

"Project: Other"

At my work this week, and probably for the next four months, I'm on "Project: Other." Which sounds a lot cooler than it actually is, if you were also hoping it would be like Project: Mayhem. All it means is that instead of working with my usual group, I'm shoring up the numbers on another product line. (Is that the correct use of "shoring"? I guess it would take like three seconds to look brace or to prop, yeah, that's right. Thought there was an a in there somewhere.)

The upside is, there is overtime available, and since this isn't really my product, I'm more-or-less off the hook as far as errors go. (I usually have a vague idea what I'm doing, but I won't be chastised for honest mistakes.) The downside? A lot less free time. Usually, I write my homemade strips at work, then every other weekend I try to finish at least two weeks' worth.

Luckily, I had thought my internet was going to be down, so I've scheduled some posts for most of the rest of this year. Which is a little creepy for me, to think that if something happens to me, Random Happenstance will keep trucking along for a while. But we've got the usual homemade strips on Wednesdays and a special week set for after Christmas. Then we'll have the Year in Toys on January 1, and I think that's the fourth annual.

And just 'cause it'll cheer me up later, here's the Youngest on Halloween:
It might not cheer me up that I didn't turn the picture...

We're not going anywhere, we're just busy. And hating it. Back soon!


SallyP said...

Work does seem to have this nasty habit of interfering with fun.

But youngest is adorable.

Anonymous said...

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Susan said...

Just wanted to say that I've been following your blog for most of the year, and you never fail to make me laugh uncontrollably with your strips.

And on that note, I was wondering if you'd be interested in bringing your talents to another site for a one-off project. I know you said your workload is increasing soon, but since this won't be needed until about May or so, there's no rush. Drop me a line at if you're interested.