Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who else would have their head wrapped in bandages?

The Invisible Man, Negative Man, early Dr. Doom, any number of aged actors or actresses after another face lift...

This strip has been pushed back a couple of times: I bought Cap there in August. I've mentioned before, I bought a spare (and dirt cheap) DC Infinite Heroes Hush, because I had hoped to put his head on a G.I. Joe for a quick and easy Unknown Soldier, but Hush's head is far to small for that to work. At least this figure is of Hush's best look: in some later appearances, he was drawn with loose strands of bandages hanging off in weird places. For some reason, he may have been shirtless with the trenchcoat, as well. I may have to try and find a scan, it wasn't great.

For at least two years, I've been meaning to do an Unknown Soldier week, and look at the last issue of his original series (with, as mentioned in the strip, Hitler's death) and his two limited series: one with a very 80's Iran-Contra feel from Jim Owlsey (Priest) and the Vertigo series from Garth Ennis. Still haven't done it, though, and I'm not organized enough to schedule something like that for, I don't know, Veteran's Day or Memorial Day or anything.

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Christian Zamora said...

I'm not really familiar with the Unknown Soldier, but the strip here is a riot.
Good one as always!