Friday, September 10, 2010

All sorts of things for Friday!

All after the break, since we're starting with a spoiler from Hellboy: the Storm #3, which you damn well should've bought by now, that I called over two years ago! Really! Maybe.

Seriously, there is no good reason for you to not be reading the Hellboy books now. Well, unless you're a filthy trade-waiter, I guess. Over at the Savage Critic, Tucker Stone reads a ton of comics and says, "(the) Hellboy series (is) back on the track of being the most exciting version of serialized comics that is currently available. (Fantastically enough, it’s only competition was the BPRD.)"

Spoiler coming: in Hellboy: the Storm #3, Hellboy is forced to make a deal with Russia's Baba Yaga:

...which leads to not even the biggest surprise (for me) in that issue. (HB's choice for Excalibur--the legendary sword, not my beloved X-team--just floored me.)

But what's this? From the August 11, 2008 post here:

Oh yeah. Safe to say...that was a blind pig finding an acorn, a lucky shot!

Anyway, what else? Right this second, I'm enjoying a pineapple/blueberry/banana/apple/something smoothie: I just got a blender again, for the first time in quite a while, and the novelty hasn't worn off yet. The Vikings/Saints game is on, but I'm only half-watching it. (In fact, I set my smoothie in front of the TV...) I'm a Cowboys fan, so I probably won't pay a lot of attention until Sunday. And The Onion's NFL Team-by-Team Guide entry for the Cowboys made me laugh, since they are incredibly frustrating to watch, and I like them. (Even though I often wonder if anything in Dallas, from the players to the stadium, really deliver the best return for the money.)

I might have to switch over to AMC, which has been running all the Dirty Harry movies. I was positive I had seen them all, and maybe I have...or maybe I've seen Dirty Harry and the Dead Pool like ten times a piece. There were scenes in Magnum Force that I thought were from another movie, and between the dog and the kids, I missed some crucial moments in that one and the Enforcer. By the way, whoever at AMC that had the bright idea of backing their Dirty Harry promos with Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough"? Genius.

For some reason, driving lately, I've been singing Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees." Except I have to sing it as if my jaw is wired shut. I have no idea why.
I can never decide if this is supposed to be uplifting, but I strongly suspect, no.

I try to avoid driving as much as possible, so I tend to put a CD in and leave it for a month or more at a time. Last month, and it may go back in, was Burning Airline's Mission: Control. Good stuff.

And then toys: I was just at the store getting some vegetable juice...which I hate, by the way. Well, maybe not hate, but I don't love it; it's a vague nod towards a healthier diet. Unfortunately, I don't love the taste, so I had the bright idea of pepping it up a bit with some South American hot sauce my folks got for me, and the burned spots in my internal organs still haven't healed up. Seriously, when I first tried that stuff, my eyes were streaming water, and all I could mumble with my burning tongue was, "Mom, Dad...why?"

Where was I? Ah, toys. The DCUC Wave 12 Spectre was on sale--the glow in the dark version. I'm not made of stone! And while I'm not a mint-on-card collector, the little skulls on the packaging are nice. Spectre's not a character I have any great affection for, but he looks sharp.

I'm trying to avoid three-and-three-quarter inch figures right now, but I saw the new, classic blue Iron Monger the other day; and the new G.I. Joe Dusty looks great. Will I stay strong? Well, maybe for a bit...

That's it for this week! Have a good weekend!

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