Friday, September 03, 2010

An extra Thor panel, a Punisher non-sequitor, and more on Evil Dead: Regeneration.

An extra panel from Thor #460. This may have been artist Bruce Zick's first issue, but I don't like that panel.

Topless Robot had a list mentioning this issue as featuring one of the lamest Punisher villains: Lifeforce, although that was more the name of the crossover. (The Hulk Annual in that crossover was pretty good, though.) This was from Punisher Annual #3, written by Mike Baron, art by Neil (Untamed) Hansen; and I have no idea why Dr. Wertham is mentioned there--there wasn't a character by that name seen that issue. Weird.

So, I mentioned playing Evil Dead: Regeneration, and in some areas Ash has a sidekick, Sam: an unkillable, Deadite, midget. There are stages where you can control Sam, and send him into dangerous areas; or Ash can kick Sam into battle. So, there's an area where you need to start a fire, but can't quite get it with the flamethrower, or the grenade launcher...what to do, what to do...I'm a little dismayed that "set Sam on fire, then punt him" occurred to me really quickly. Feel like that says something about me...

And saw Prince of Persia last night at the cheap theatre. Meh. Technically, it looked nice, with a few scenes obviously intended to abuse 3-D; but nowhere was it as lively or swashbuckling as it should've been. And there were several points in that movie that drop exposition exactly like a videogame cut scene: "Oh no! There's obstacles here, here, and here! If only you could get to point a, b, and then c!" I don't know if that was intentional or not.

I was going to see A-Team even later, but we'll see if I make it, since I'm setting this up, then it's a four-day weekend for me! We'll be back early Tuesday, so have fun and be good until then!

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Sea-of-Green said...

Ash with a sidekick? The only sidekick he needs is his old, severed hand! ;-)