Friday, October 29, 2010

Consider pledging, so I can get a Crys--I mean, 'Prince of Crystal' figure.

It's All True tipped me off to this: through, WorkingClassVillains are trying to raise funding for their first Backyard Legends figure, the Prince of Crystal. Any similarity to him, and a "second tier" figure line from the eighties is obviously intentional completely coincidental.
I read the comic, but I never even saw the original figures.
Shut up, man, don't queer the deal.

OK, we all know who this Prince is supposed to be, but can't call him that since the rights...aren't necessarily there. We'll call him a 'homage,' and anyway, the chances of a licensed revival like Masters of the Universe Classics? Not great. Like, behind Blackstar and C.O.P.S..

But, if WorkingClassVillains get this ball rolling, their next planned figure would (probably) be the Prince of Magma, the bad guy. And I'd probably get him, so I could have a version of this Michael Golden cover:
I read this book as a kid, but didn't have my own copy of this one forever.
I'm pledging now, and maybe, just maybe, if Backyard Legends takes off, down the line, we could get...
Shh! Keep it under your hat!
Yeah, OK, the amount of fans that would want a bootleg of this fellow, would make sneaking him under the radar tough going. Ah, but even a chance...!

Art this post from Bret Blevins, Michael Golden, and Steve Ditko; for books that may or may not still be owned by somebody or another...

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