Friday, October 15, 2010

"For this is the new retcon of OMAC!"

Since I mentioned it yesterday, here's some post-Kirby, Jim Starlin OMAC, from Warlord #37, "For This is the New Origin of OMAC!" (Inks by Joe Rubinstein.)

As a horde of armed rebels try to break into the computer center where OMAC is barricaded, he plays a tape given to him by a Global Peace Agent: on the alien world Vision, a highly advanced society tried to preserve civilization in the universe, "preferably by indirect scientific means!" One of their best scientists, Prof. Z, studies earth and sees that it's on the path to "a great disaster for mankind." Over Z's disagreement, the aliens tried to bring peace to earth in the hopes that the disaster could be avoided, eventually moving among humanity disguised with the faceless masks of the Global Peace Agency. Z, becoming insane, still claimed they would fail, so the aliens gave a human scientist the means to create a super-soldier.

"Inconsequential youth" Buddy Blank was then erased from existence, creating space for the creation of OMAC, who would go on to fight dozens of menaces. But, the alien continues, Dr. Z escaped, having left behind a new series of predictions; mainly the last Kirby issue of OMAC: facing the insane Dr. Skuba, OMAC's orbiting backup satellite Brother Eye would be encased in meteor rocks, its power vastly diminished. OMAC himself would be briefly returned to Buddy Blank, before defeating Skuba; only to then be surrounded by the combined forces of seven major corporate powers. The corporations turn on OMAC, the Global Peace Agency, and the rest of the world in general; and the GPA en masse is murdered, save for one agent who lives long enough to give OMAC the tape he now watches.

The alien sums up, per Z's predictions, that mankind is now pretty much doomed: to maintain their wartime economy, the corporate powers will shortly turn on each other. "Peace--causing reduced output and profit, is something they find intolerable!" Pointing out a spare uniform set aside for him, the alien advises OMAC to either find or become the strong leader needed to unite earth in peace. The planet Vision though, has done all it can, and is now just going to wait and see what happens. OMAC isn't impressed.

Now facing a horde of mercenaries, OMAC turns...and surrenders. The next issue promises "Wiley Quixote!" and I suspect Starlin was going to bring a bit of the satire he would also use in Warlock. The alien looks very Starlin as well, with the ears and compound eyes, but still, Prof. Z? Sounds like a Mega Man character. That was also a helluva lot of recap for an eight-page feature, but I think Starlin may have wanted to recap Kirby's work before starting his own. And maybe this was where Kirby was going to go with it, I don't know.

Next week: the other DCUC 15 figure I picked up! Other stuff! See you then, and have a good weekend!


Sea-of-Green said...

I think I've lost count of just how many times OMAC has been retconned, but this is one of the more entertaining times. :-)

Justin Garrett Blum said...

Nice description, but I'm not sure I understood any of that. It would probably help if I'd ever read ANYTHING with OMAC in it.