Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"He's big. He's green. He looks like Gumby. Let's leave him alone."

That short, succinct description of everyone's favorite Martian, J'onn J'onzz, is from Justice League America #38, nearing the high-water point of the 'bwah-ha-ha!' days of Giffen and DeMatteis. But whether you're a fan of that, the Grant Morrison "Magnificent 7" JLA, or the cartoon, the Martian Manhunter has been a mainstay of the Justice League for years. Which just makes it weirder that it took Mattel fifteen waves to get J'onn a figure.

There have been some quality control concerns: apparently, there are different biceps used for J'onn, so you could get a buffer or wimpier figure, depending. Mine seems fine. There are also variants, with a different shape-changed slicing hand or head sculpt. (Check out It's All True and their review!) Hmm, I thought you could get the alternate head with normal hands as well, but between that and the biceps, there's going to be a lot of variation there.

Yeah, J'onn had to wait until a wave with Starman and Jemm, Son of Saturn. Still, who would've expected either of those two (or OMAC, for that matter) in a line sold in stores, not comic book shops? Shortly after picking up J'onn, I found over at the Fwoosh (in the DCUC Series 15 discussion thread) a coupon for $5 off toys at KMart, and that twisted my arm enough to get the classic Starman and Jemm. I haven't seen the modern, Jack Knight Starman, or Raven yet; which means I'm still a piece short of completing the Collect-and-Connect figure Validus.

But I did get one more figure, that we'll see in tomorrow's strip!

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