Friday, December 03, 2010

Geez, Jane, way to kill the mood.

Little secret, gang? Sooooo not prepared today. I have a long weekend coming up, and I've kind of checked out a bit, looking forward to catching a few movies, working on more homemade strips, and sleeping like crazy. But, I got Thor #237 from the quarter-dollar bin a bit back, so here we are. Oddly, I covered Thor #236 over three years ago!

Dr. Blake and Jane Foster are enjoying a pleasant evening out, when a police chase speeds by and an old woman catches a stray slug. While Jane helps her, Blake turns into Thor and makes short work of them...then Jane's date pretty much continues with Thor. At this point, she not only knew his secret identity, but Jane had just been merged with Sif, but they seem to be treating Blake and Thor as the same person here. (Which isn't always the case, I think.)

Meanwhile, at a nearby carnival, the Vizier hangs out with Hercules; who isn't normally the brooding type, but here he manages to brood while eating cotton candy. That's good brooding! Herc doesn't know what to think about the Sif-Jane merger either, possibly moreso because I don't think he's ever tried to pass himself of as mortal for more than twenty minutes. The Vizier's there for moral support, and to hold Herc's cotton candy while he saves a falling ferris wheel. Hercules is feeling a little down on earth this month as well, lamenting the grimness of the mortals.

Man, I was just wishing Hercules would've shown up in "Blood and Thunder." But then I realized, it probably would've been 90's Avengers Herc, shaven or with a five o'clock shadow, and a leather jacket. Not proper Hercules, who I would love to see on the new Avengers cartoon. I doubt he will anytime soon, since with the upcoming movie and all they probably want the focus on Thor; but I don't think having Herc around takes anything away from Thor. Hmm.

Anyway, later this issue, Ulik the troll shows up, and I always read his name as "you-lick," which sounds terrible. From Thor #237, "Ulik Unchained" Written by Gerry Conway, art by John Buscema, embellishments by Joe Sinnott.

We'll close this week with a little homemade strip...didn't quite come together the way I wanted, but we'll try it anyway. Have a good weekend!


SallyP said...

Oh're so literal sometimes.

I HAVE that Thor comic! Bought it new, too! I loved Sif, but Jane always annoyed the heck out of me for some reason.

Susan said...

RE the Hercules strip: I give you points for remembering your Greek history. :)