Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I know I'm not the first person for this reference...

If you didn't play Gauntlet as a condolences.

In other news, it's snowed quite a bit here; although I don't think quite as much as maybe two years ago, when I think it snowed once all year, but all at once. Right now, it's not the kind of weather where you just hop in the car, to zip over to the comic shop or to Wal-Mart to check for toys; since it's too much of a pain, and I really don't trust other drivers here.

Of course, back in my homeland of Montana, I remember it snowing twice as much, being twice as cold, with the wind blowing, and uphill both ways. We called that 'May.' Ha-ha! God, I hated it there. I can remember it fondly if I don't think about it for more than thirty seconds...I could recommend Montana if you enjoy wide open stretches of nothing, and alcoholism. Like Russia without the furry hats, I suppose.

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vancouver mark said...

Wizard needs food, badly.

Loved that game.