Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey, not a review! Shocker Toys Maxx and NECA Army of Darkness Medieval Ash!

Although they are both beloved nerd properties, these two figures have nothing in common...save I bought them both on Black Friday, both come with alternate heads I probably won't use, and both figures had loose accessories in their bubbles.

OAFE had a pretty good write-up on the Maxx, pointing out that while the character and the comics were from Sam Keith; the animated series and hence the figure are from MTV. Which I'm going to let slide, much as that's a bit of stomping on the creator's rights; because the Oddities animated version has a proper ending that I'm not sure the comic ever did.
The Maxx almost had a little trouble from the start: his arm fell off in the packaging, but luckily popped right back on. And I rather prefer the plain, non-feathered headdress head, but it had a couple dings on the front teeth. Still, he's a good looking figure; stout, very poseable, and the Maxx looks like he lumbered right off a comic page...or off the DVD, or whatever, I guess.

As usual, OAFE had a proper review for Army of Darkness's Medieval Ash, and it is also a good looking figure. Although, I hadn't realized this was a re-release, and the original version came with a base, that Ash could kinda use: there's no leg articulation, except cut ankles.

I still think I like this version more than the S-Mart Ash, although, as OAFE mentions, he is sculpted looking to his right, no matter what you do with him. Still, in the right situation, it looks good.

It's right behind me, isn't it?
Medieval Ash comes with a shotgun (that was no worse for wear for being loose in the package) a Necronomicon, and an alternate head. The alternate is Ash's face getting sucked into the vortex, which I wouldn't usually use for display. No chainsaw, though, which is a mild disappointment, but Medieval Ash was only $9.99, so some leeway can be given there.

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