Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stop doing things in my name, in fact, stop doing anything.

Does the Surfer get crucified a lot, or is that my imagination?
Even though the quarter box is a bit of a misnomer, I got all four issues of Silver Surfer: In Thy Name out of there last week. It's an enjoyable, if slightly depressing little read, that does pretty well with a very Star Trek-style plot. (Take vaguely real-world politics, make them insolvable even with the power of the Federation or the Surfer, add aliens.)

After a chance encounter with some organ pirates, the Surfer meets the flagship of the Collective. They seem nice, a veritable utopia; and they ask the Surfer to check out one of their newer worlds, Brekknis. Brekknis is poor, war torn, plagued by a giant monster, and an unwilling addition to the Collective. They hail the Surfer as a religious herald, and he's unable to persuade them otherwise. (Whenever told to quit it, even directly by the Surfer, they take it as a "test of faith" and press on.) Turns out the Brekknis are zealots, who turn to terrorism in the Surfer's name. Throw in the Collective enslaving a powerful alien and double-crossing the Surfer, and he has to bring in the big guns:
Really like Tan Eng Huat's art on this one. And writer Simon Spurrier has a couple of nice monologues for the Surfer, to the point of he loves life, but good god it sucks sometimes.

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Justin Garrett Blum said...

It's hard to tell, but it looks like Silver Surfer is wearing a butt-hugging bating suit. The fact that he was wearing anything at all seemed weird, but then I went and Googled some images and realized that SS actually did wear shorts for a long time. I wonder when he started going au naturel, because I'm pretty sure that's his default look these days.