Thursday, November 04, 2010

Two things Validus doesn't usually do:

Talk, and squint: the monstrous member of the Fatal Five usually wasn't drawn with any recognizable eyes, and rarely if ever spoke that I recall. Actually, looks like Validus spoke a little early on, then got less articulate as time went on.

From Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #247, "Savage Sanctuary!" Written by Len Wein, art by Joe Staton and Jack Abel. With Element Lad and Colossal Boy captured by Tharok, Validus, and the Emerald Empress; Superboy tries to get backup...and fails. Superboy manages to hold his own until EL and CB can get into the fight, but so do the Five's remaining members, Mano and the Persauder. Unfortunately, it's a completely anti-climactic ending, as the aliens that took in the Five have to reject them, since they're wrecking up the place. Which they might not have had to do, if the Legion hadn't shown up...I don't think you see the Five do anything really evil this issue.

Since it's Legion Election time now, we'll take a quick glance at the rest of this issue, which is billed as "a 247th Anniversary Special!" Wildfire and Brainiac 5 are in a dogfight down to the wire--the story opens with Brainy scowling at Shadow Lass as she votes for him. Before everyone has voted, the voting computer explodes. Brainy accuses Wildfire of sabotage, but Wildfire takes everyone to the old voting computer, which then sinks before anyone can use it.

Later, in the lounge, Brainiac 5 is by the fireplace, which then roars up and nearly burns him. Chameleon Boy suggests holding the election in space, and catches the culprit: Superboy, dicking around with the Legion, in honor of the anniversary of his own induction, which only happened after Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, and Saturn Girl pranked him with rejection. (You all know the classic Adventure Comics #247 cover, right?) Superboy turned their tricks back on them, which isn't really that funny.

And in the end, even though he nearly came to blows with Wildfire, Brainy has a good laugh when he realizes they both lost. Lightning Lad--the only charter member that hadn't served as leader--finally won. It would've been more of a surprise, if it hadn't been mentioned on the letters page right before the story! From "Celebration!" Written by Paul Levitz, art by Joe Staton and David Hunt.

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