Monday, August 12, 2013

A "Ghosts" Annual titled "Ghosts." Green Lantern Annual #7!

This issue has the same title as the crossover, and I wonder if it'll be the only one that does: Green Lantern Annual #7, "Ghosts" Written by Steve Vance, pencils by Ron Lim, inks by Doug Hazlewood and Kim DeMulder.

While taking care of a highway accident, new GL Kyle Rayner is moping over his dead girlfriend Alex, missing the days when his life was a lot less complicated. Things don't get any simpler today either, since dead GL Abin Sur shows up to help him out. (At this point in continuity, Hal was dead but a Hal from the past was still around...) Abin tells Kyle something is bringing back the dead; and while Kyle wants to see if Alex is back, Abin tells him to put aside his personal concerns and deal with the problem. Then Abin disappears, leaving it to Kyle.

After recharging his ring, Kyle follows the ring's scan into space, finding a planet reforming itself with green energy: Mojo. And other GL's are rising from Mojo's surface, including Kilowog! Kyle's freaked out by the "Green Lantern Corpses," who immediately attack him. Kilowog points out Kyle had recently been to the past, and maybe could've given them a heads-up about Hal Jordan destroying the Corps and killing most of them. He might have a point, but really the dead GL's are being controlled by Nekron, in what I think was his first appearance since the Tales of the Green Lantern Corps miniseries in 1981. Kyle is sucked into Nekron's death-realm, forced to listen to a lot of recap, then fights his way back, where he realizes he has to re-kill the dead Lanterns.

Mogo and Kilowog give Kyle the most trouble, but Kilowog tells Kyle "Thanks, poozer. Ya set us free." Cool even in death, although I don't know how this reconciles with their later return. (A common problem in this type of comic; you'd see the same sort of thing in Avengers "Legion of the Unliving" issues.) Kyle tells Nekron to bring on anything else he's got, and Nekron' nothing. Whatever brought back the ghosts wasn't his doing, he just tried to capitalize on it. After the portal to Nekron's realm closes, Kyle flies back to earth and visits Alex's grave, and finally lets her go. (Maybe.)

We'll continue our look at the Ghosts some point, when I find where I put those...


Dale Bagwell said...

This was later completely ignored by Johns, but seemed decent enough.

So who was behind this whole thing anyways? Not that guy the JLA fought right?

SallyP said...

Oh Kyle.

I still rather miss Alex. And I loved that first costume.