Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Constantine's looking for, um, "Holdin' Caulfield."

Keeping in mind I'm not a huge Swamp Thing or Hellblazer fan, I'm still 95% sure there's at least one story where Swamp Thing gives John marijuana. Something they probably couldn't get away with in the new 52 versions of the characters, yeah. Over at the Hurting, Tim O'Neil has a pretty good post about DC's current house style, where John Constantine and Captain Marvel can crossover, but the charm and innocence of "Shazam" and the dark humor and adult nature of Constantine have both been diluted. Which brings to mind the old saw about mixing ten gallons of ice cream and ten gallons of manure...well, not that either Captain Marvel or Hellblazer were manure by themselves, but maybe you get my point.

Oddly enough, as Tim also pointed out, the Masters of the Universe are going to be crossing over with the Justice League and Justice League Dark; and dear lord, they don't call themselves 'Justice League Dark' in-story, do they? Sounds like a bad M&M flavor. I usually give Keith Giffen a lot of rope, but the new 52 designs and unnecessary and terrible redesigns in the same vein for the He-Man characters...I don't know.

In other news, Masters of the Universe Classics Moss Man was a 2010 figure, that I just picked up at Big Lots recently; and he still has his pine-scent. Like, a lot. Super-piney.


Dale Bagwell said...

There's at least two of that same Moss-Man @ my local Big Lots. 10$ too, so I might get him. Especially after this skit;)

*Cough, cough* smoke em if you got em;)

SallyP said...

Hee. Funny you should mention Swamp thing supplying John with weed. That actually did happen during his 40th birthday party in Hellblazer, although I can't immediately remember the issue number. Zatanna was there too. It was quite the party.