Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Super Vader."

I found my old Star Wars Force Battlers Darth Vader figure (Amazon here.) although I must have put his lightsaber and kickass Imperial symbol shield somewhere to keep them from getting squashed. Since I don't think they've even announced Vader in the Star Wars Black six-inch line, I wanted to see if how this Vader would look with the Luke figure. And he just towers over him.

I thought the neck seemed a little long as well, but I don't know. Still, the Force Battlers weren't realistic or super-articulated, they had a bit of an animated, almost anime style. I thought they were in the same spirit as the old Marvel comics: not screen-accurate necessarily, but dramatic.
OK, maybe a couple of feet in-scale of dramatic license, for these two figures to work together, but still fun. Now, if I could figure out where I put that Force Battler Chewbacca...

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