Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another random Fleetway/Quality reprint, but germane to the topic at hand.

These postings may give the impression that my comics collection is perhaps more of an accumulation of whatever issues are found by sheer chance, but here we are with Dare the Impossible #6, featuring "Mutiny!" Written by Jack Adrian (or Chris Lowder, per the description of the original, 1978's 2000 AD #76 or so) art by Dave Gibbons.

This time, in the "Lost Worlds" region of space, "veteran starfighter" Dan Dare is hip-deep in it: Dare's star fortress is being hit by "a meteor mega-storm!" Dare's best pilot...Pilot, could get the ship out of it, but he's dead. (Or believed dead...) Some of Dare's crew is mutinying, and a brain-damaged crewman turned homicidal maniac has busted out of cryosleep! Like the best of the British weekly strips, there's a ton going on, and Gibbon's art keeps it all clear.

I had this issue sitting in a pile, and went back to it when I read Comics Alliance's review of Mark Millar's Starlight. I don't usually have any patience left for Millar anymore, but Goran Parlov is a hell of an artist. Still, Dan Dare is mentioned in the review, since he's exactly the type of space adventure hero Starlight is riffing on; and Grant Morrison already did the revisionist version of Dare. Hell, I only have the first two issues of that one. Warren Ellis did a Flash Gordon/Dan Dare book too, Ignition City--that one's not bad, just a bit seedy. I'll keep an eye out, but the originals are more fun.

And with that, we're out for the week! Tomorrow's my first (non-weekend) day off for the year; and I'm more than ready for it. Have fun!


SallyP said...

You DO have an amazingly eclectic collection!

Dale Bagwell said...

Well he does;)
I was tempted to buy that Starlight series myself, but Millar's a hack, and it all seems like it's been all said before, and better elsewhere.

But like you said, that Parlov guy is the shit when it comes to art. Very tempting, but ultimately a no for me.