Wednesday, March 05, 2014

"Episode #239: Deadpool and Nightcrawler go into space."

Is this really episode #239? Eh, well, maybe?

It's pretty traditional for heroes to make a trip or two into space: sometimes, it's just as far as orbit or the moon, sometimes it's to an alien world or the far end of the galaxy. For X-Men in particular, visits to the Shi'ar or the Brood are as standard as a trip to the Savage Land or Japan. I was thinking of an issue of Classic X-Men (#7) where the X-Men bum a trip to on a space shuttle from their scientist pal Dr. Corbeau--whom the X-Men hit up every time they need a space shuttle but are never anywhere to be found when he needs to move a couch. Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Banshee were kidnapped by the Sentinels; and on the shuttle's launching pad Cyclops was being mopey broody, Storm was having a claustrophobic freak-out, Colossus was likewise losing it since his brother had been a cosmonaut and was believed to have died on the launchpad. And Nightcrawler is basically "Whooo! Space! Yeah!"

I'll have to find one of Deadpool's space trips some other time.


Dale Bagwell said...

Oh, I'm sensing comic gold here.
Is this a one-shot deal, or a continuing arc like the Satana and Black Cat skits?

I hope it continues, 'cause there's real potential here.

So jealous of that AIM worker right now;)

SallyP said...

Well, Space is fun. At least when everything is working. And always nice to see Nightcrawler's chair again.