Friday, August 22, 2014

So Spider-Man has three hands now? Man, Spider-Verse sounds weird.

No, that's not from the upcoming Spider-Verse crossover, or from Lego. It's from eBay and China, a "Hot 1Pc Super Hero Spider Man Motorcycle Mini Figures Building Toys Blocks." Miss any keywords there? No? Still pretty findable if you like.

$3.27 shipped, with a Spider-bike! I don't know if the spare hand was intentional, or a lucky accident. It is odd to see a mini-figure completely in pieces, though: the Lego ones usually have the arms and legs attached, right? Of course, I haven't put him together yet; I'll save him for the Youngest. He's big on Star Wars Lego, but the video games are bringing him around to other characters. He does refer to offbrands as "Lego impostors," so his brand loyalty is pretty strong; but he'll probably build this one for me.

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