Friday, August 08, 2014

Thanks to years of comic reading, I may only see four colors now anyway.

Ugh, my monitor crapped out on me the other day, so I had to pick up a new one. (The old one is no doubt fixable, if you had the capacitors, solder, instructions...) Well, I suppose I should scan something bright and colorful, to see if the colors aren't better than my old one. Let's see...

Hmm, that's no good...From 1975, Masters of Horror #1, "The Shambler from the Stars!" Story by Robert Bloch, script by Ron Goulart, art by Jim Starlin and Tom Palmer. I almost thought this was a Lovecraft story; there is a Necronomicon reference. Maybe I should've looked for "The Colour Out of Space," but it doesn't appear to have been adapted for comics! Well, moving on, let's try another book.

And that's not in color, and doesn't fit in the scanner to boot! So buy your own copy of Empowered #1 from Adam Warren. I don't have the full series yet, but it hasn't disappointed to date.

And now we're 0-for-3 with this page from Dark Horse's Creepy #5, "Loathsome Lore" Script by Dan Braun, art by Lucas Marangon. Oddly, I had only heard that bit about Charles Manson being a singer recently--supposedly, not bad, until you realize it's Manson. Maybe we'll call it a week and start fresh Monday, then...

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