Friday, September 12, 2014

"Ding me the head of Boba Fett."

Although the Prototype Boba Fett from Walgreens is, well, a prototype; it still has the same ding on his helmet as the original Boba Fett. Because the original came first and it's the same mold, yeah. The review at It's All True holds out hope for a Jango Fett with undented noggin, but I had to make up a reason. Namely that Fett has probably been bashing his head on the same badly placed instrument in his ship for most of his adult life...

If I recall correctly, Fett's helmet was supposed to give him 360-degrees of view; so he could see behind him, all sides, and so forth. Consider that for a moment: all 360 degrees around you, crammed into a display to fit the less-than-180 degrees you can see in front of your face. Through practice and constant use, Fett is doubtless able to adapt and use that to his advantage, but I wonder how he functions when (if) he takes the helmet off.

"Bring Me the Head of Boba Fett" was an Eltingville Club strip from Evan Dorkin. It was adapted into a pilot for Adult Swim but sadly not picked up. Still super fun. Have a good weekend!

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Dale Bagwell said...

Boba fett's helmet had 360 degree vision? Never knew that. Cool-looking figure though.

They made a pilot to etingtonville and I didn't know this!?
The hell didn't they pick up the show when crap like Tim & Eric gets another show?