Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Secret Weapon."

Pool and Kurt are kind of being jerks to Venom this week, but rest assured they completely support the right for a man and his icky symbiote to do...whatever they do.


Barbecue17 said...

Nice man. I'm totally digging this story!

Fitting Rocket and Deadpool into any team just makes them better, it seems.

SallyP said...

They don't judge, which is nice of them.

Seriously, this is better than ANY of the "regular" books.

Dale Bagwell said...

LOL! Another good one Goo. Dude's on fire!
Enjoyed the bit about Venom's "alternative lifestyle."
Why no one else, especially Bendis, never joked about that is beyond me.
Another damn amusing and entertaining chapter buddy.
Like Sally said, strips/stories like this really should be published by Marvel. Now that's something worth petitioning:)

Btw, I'm posting my Agent Venom skit Monday. I think you'll enjoy the theme song it's based off.