Wednesday, December 03, 2014

"'Silent' Interlude."

There actually have been a couple mostly silent issues of Deadpool--I know Priest did one (#42, the "homage" to the G.I Joe silent issue #21) before the "Nuff Said" month in 2002 that was all silent issues. (#61, the first chapter of "Funeral for a Freak," written by Frank Tieri.)

We may come back to this, since I figure to Deadpool, space is about as silent as your typical sci-fi space movie is; chock full of laser and explosion noises, and quite possibly a soundtrack.

It's weird: I finally get a Marvel Select Thanos (which all but insures a Marvel Legend version to be released in six months...) and I use the pack-in Death figure first!


SallyP said...

Nice to see Deadpool being a bit on the introspective side.

Dale Bagwell said...

Nice skit man. I like the use of introspection you used here. Good stuff. Nice way of setup too.

Is that from helmet from a Batman or Mr. Freeze toy?
Looks cool oddly enough.

googum said...

Mr. Freeze! From the post-DCUC more kiddie line.