Friday, December 05, 2014

The cards never lie, but I apparently might...

I was going to continue my completely random totally planned week of comics featuring Tarot cards with two issues, and one of them features instead of Tarot cards, a less...traditional fortune-telling tool on the cover: "The litter never lies...your fate is sealed!"

From 1997, Major Bummer #3, "Alone Against the Other Guys!" Written by John Arcudi, pencils by Doug Mahnke, inks by Tom Nguyen. The alien "grad students" that gave Lou Martin superpowers (by mistake...) give more powers to a batch of thugs and their loquacious mugger, because their grad thesis is apparently let's you and them fight! Actually, the aliens mostly just want to see Lou get his ass beat; with mixed results since the assorted thugs are generally as incompetent as everyone else here.

Lou tries to get out of it, but ends up in a fight scene with his wannabe superhero friends. They win when the villains accidentally create a sinkhole, but they'll be back.

Alright, no Tarot cards this issue, so how about this one? From 2005, Nightcrawler #8, "The Winding Way, part 2 of 5: Dark Carnival" Written by Roberto Acuirre-Sacasa, pencils by Darick Robertson, inks by Jimmy Palmiotti.

After surviving an attack by Vermin, and a bunch of hallucinations; Nightcrawler (with love-interest-that-really-didn't-go-anywhere Nurse Christine and here-for-sales Wolverine) goes to Germany, where weird happenings are maybe starting, after a bunch of flashbacks.

Kurt remembers his childhood in the circus, discovering his adopted-mom Margali was training as a sorceress, his adopted brother Stephen was worried about turning evil, and his adopted sister Jimaine (or Amanda) was looking hot. Good times. But no Tarot cards in this actual issue! See, that's why I do this stuff randomly...

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Dale Bagwell said...

It works to sometimes have a theme week every so often. it helps with creativity and just trying to be fun and different for the audience/readers out there.

That being all being said, nice theme this time.

That Nightcrawler one's got some nice, solid Derrick Robertson art there.
Why Claremont made Kurt have a thing for his step-sister I'll never know other than maybe as an added bit of drama/pathos, or a secret wish-fulfillment. Maybe both. who knows, but in the end that one really was doomed to fail.

I never read Major Bummer even though I've heard it was pretty good. That one really didn't have a long shelf life, but at least it attempted to be different than the rest of the other major mainstream comics of that era.